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This website is for people who want to keep in touch with the latest thinking in organisation design, development and change management – a network portal for both the established international community of OD professionals and those new to the practice seeking to know more.

You will find aggregated links to a range of OD blogs written by key academics and industry leaders who continue to shape the theory and inform the practice of OD. This site includes a guide to OD, resources, tools, videos and links to other OD websites, business blogs and breaking news about major companies and current human resource issues.

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Organisation Design is the deliberate process of configuring structures, processes, reward systems, people practices and policies to enable organisations to achieve their mission and strategy…
A high-level scan on the thinking, models and OD approaches recommended by leading OD academics and industry specialists…
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Forget personality – a thinkpiece on restructuring teams…

A scribbled thinkpiece from Q5’s Andy Cottrill on how to think about restructuring teams and businesses.


  • Complexity and Management Conference (CMC) 8th-10th June 2018 – Taking Complexity Seriously.
    24 Jan 18
    Here is the link to the public booking page for the June 8-10th Complexity and Management Conference 2018 . This year’s theme is: Taking Complexity Seriously: Why Does It Matter? At the conference we are marking Ralph Stacey’s retirement from the DMan programme and the University of Hertfordshire…
  • Small doesn’t mean unprofitable: Unlocking new value from small-to-medium metal and mining projects
    19 Jan 18
    Managing smaller projects with increased rigor and a through-cycle mentality can help companies to capture significant untapped value.
  • Delivering through diversity
    18 Jan 18
    Our latest research reinforces the link between diversity and company financial performance—and suggests how organizations can craft better inclusion strategies for a competitive edge.
  • Retraining and reskilling workers in the age of automation
    18 Jan 18
    Executives increasingly see investing in retraining and “upskilling” existing workers as an urgent business priority that companies, not governments, must lead on.
  • The five trademarks of agile organizations
    17 Jan 18
    Agile organizations—of any size and across industries—have five key elements in common.
  • Modern CRM Drives Relationship And Revenue
    17 Jan 18
    CRM is more than two decades old. Companies initially used it to provide “inside-out” efficiencies – operational efficiencies for sales, marketing, and customer service organizations. Companies would easily argue its’ business benefits by measuring operational metrics that were…
  • Leadership development in a fragile state
    15 Jan 18
    My colleague Nick Sarra and I were asked to work with some practicing managers and leaders in what is usually described as a ‘fragile state’ in Africa. The country has been plunged into conflict for decades, and this has had a profound effect on social relations and the ability to get things…



  • One third of UK professionals suffer from depression or anxiety
    24 Jan 18
    Over a third (35.2 percent) of the nation’s workers are suffering from mental health issues e.g anxiety, with four in 10 (42.9 percent) admitting that their job is a key contributor to these feelings. That’s according to the latest research…
  • What now for UK’s gender pay gap?
    24 Jan 18
    With firms in the UK with 250 or more employees required to publish data on The UK’s gender pay gap by April of this year, we look at the possible legal implications of the gender pay gap for UK employers. Contributor Adam Pennington…
  • Has inflation peaked?
    24 Jan 18
    A sigh of relief from Mark Carney and colleagues as December’s inflation figure showed a slight drop to 3.0 percent. Contributor Ben Brettell, Senior Economist – Hargreaves Lansdown. Inflation’s been a hot topic since the Brexit vote…
  • Ofsted cannot cope with apprentice trainer workload
    23 Jan 18
    The education regulator has admitted struggling to deal with the number of companies offering training following the introduction of the… The post Ofsted cannot cope with apprentice trainer workload appeared first on Personnel Today . dynamically generates aggregated content from other external website feeds in date and time order. is not responsible for content displayed from external websites and any views expressed are not those of