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This website is for people who want to keep in touch with the latest thinking in organisation design, development and change management – a network portal for both the established international community of OD professionals and those new to the practice seeking to know more.

You will find aggregated links to a range of OD blogs written by key academics and industry leaders who continue to shape the theory and inform the practice of OD. This site includes a guide to OD, resources, tools, videos and links to other OD websites, business blogs and breaking news about major companies and current human resource issues.

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Organisation Design is the deliberate process of configuring structures, processes, reward systems, people practices and policies to enable organisations to achieve their mission and strategy…
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Forget personality – a thinkpiece on restructuring teams…

A scribbled thinkpiece from Q5’s Andy Cottrill on how to think about restructuring teams and businesses.


  • Productivity across the global mining sector is starting to improve
    25 Jun 18
    Our latest data show an upward trend—from a low base.
  • Lithium and cobalt: A tale of two commodities
    25 Jun 18
    What does the rise of electric vehicles mean for two critical raw materials that go into their batteries—and for the players in this ecosystem?
  • Creating an effective workforce system for the new economy
    25 Jun 18
    Governments have an important role to play in building a deeper pool of qualified workers and fueling economic growth.
  • Are we in a corporate debt bubble?
    25 Jun 18
    Growth of corporate debt is not as ominous as it first appears and, indeed, in some ways even points to a positive economic outcome, writes Susan Lund in Project Syndicate.
  • The future of organization design – according to my students
    22 Jun 18
      . This Spring, I had the priviledge of teaching the organization design elective at the Frankfurt School of Finance Management. The class consisted of 50 students, half of them from the MBA program and the other half from the EMBA (part time) program. All of the students had work experience…
  • The cost and challenges of dirty data in business transformation
    18 Jun 18
    OrgVue Blog Why is data cleansing important? Dirty data can engender serious problems, costing your business time, money, and huge risks in decision-making. As the old adage goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” Still, data quality issues are often ignored in the context of organisational transformations…
  • 3i Power: imagination, identity and interaction
    15 Jun 18
    Abstract Composition with Head and Sailing, 1950, Morris, Elizabeth / UCL Art Museum, UK / Bridgeman Images What is the role of imagination in power? For example, how might the workings of my imagination affect the way that I will behave at a difficult meeting next week in what I say and …



  • How courageous conversations can resolve workplace conflicts
    25 Jun 18
    When I have a problem with a colleague, I know that the sensible thing to do is to get together as soon as possible and talk it through The post How courageous conversations can resolve workplace conflicts appeared first on Personnel Today…
  • Just publishing gender pay stats is not enough
    25 Jun 18
    Government Equalities Office has published a report which says people need more support to interpret gender pay gap statistics. Contributor Kaammini Chanrai, Gender Research and Policy Manager – Business in the Community. Kaammini Chanrai…
  • Disproportionate criminal records disclosure regime reaches Supreme Court
    24 Jun 18
    The Supreme Court will hear the Government’s appeal in a long running case about the disclosure of criminal records. Contributor Christopher Stacey, Co-director of Unlock The Government is arguing that their current approach to disclosing …
  • Global growth momentum gathers pace as companies race to embrace AI
    23 Jun 18
    EY survey shows 85 percent  of middle market companies plan revenue growth of more than 6 percent  in the next 12 months. Embracing cognitive technologies and hiring diverse full-time talent are top priorities for global middle market executives… dynamically generates aggregated content from other external website feeds in date and time order. is not responsible for content displayed from external websites and any views expressed are not those of