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ODHQ is an ‘organisation design and development’ portal. It is an automated news and blog aggregation hub that has been created specifically for Organisation Design and Development professionals. It also contains tools, operating models and articles that we believe are ‘must reads’.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive source of regularly updated business, HR and OD news and blog sites in a simple and easy to scan format, in order to bring a diverse range of opinions to the attention of as wide an audience of OD professionals as possible, to facilitate debate around organisation issues.

ODHQ aims to be politically neutral and provide clearly credited direct links to a selection of third-party news and opinion websites whose views may not reflect our own. We are not responsible for the content on these sites and we do not maintain an archive beyond the time stories appear on the website, nor do we retain any information about users accessing our sites, apart from those who register for access to tools, nor do we accept payment for aggregated links. You can read our terms here.

The development of the aggregation service is largely dependent upon readers telling us about new websites or blogs we may have missed. We invite you to get blogging or send us a link to an OD blog. Generally, we can only aggregate websites that have RSS feeds.

ODHQ has been developed by Mark Blackstock, a publisher based in the UK who has an interest in virtual communities and Olly Purnell, an international Organisation Design consultant. The site is sponsored by Q5 Partners LLP. ODHQ has been made possible by a whole range of developers, bloggers, tweeters and readers who are keen to bring the best thinking on organisation design and organisation development to a wider audience. Thank you for your interest and contribution.

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