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Across each of the academics we reviewed, there are 8 common themes that any internal OD function should commit to memory.
Organisation Design Is Fundamental
Belief that OD is one of the most, if not THE most important determinant of success in a large organisation.
Driven By Strategy
Successful OD always has the organisation’s strategy as its starting point.
Good OD Has A Process
Best practice OD follows a process that does take time.  Skipping or rushing stages is damaging in the longer term.
Successful OD Is Not Just Left to HR
Very important to have the relevant leader (CEO or division head) active during the process as well as having a core of senior line management on the project team.
There is a Need For Organisations That Can Respond to Rapid Change
Any organisation structure needs to be flexible and reconfigurable to allow the organisation to adapt to changes in the market.
Customer Focus
Successful organisations in every sector have a strong customer focus.  An organisation’s structure should be designed to prioritise satisfying the customer over staying within the confines of individual job descriptions.
Reward Systems Are Key 
They should support the strategy not work against it. For example in a customer focused organisation, people are rewarded for crossing silos to fully cooperate to deliver customer solutions.
No One Right Way
There is no single organisation structure significantly correlated to performance.

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