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Cardinal Q 15 May 12

From the Oscars to the Oliviers, the Cardinal enjoys nothing more than a hearty industry awards night. And a reminder note from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development has just arrived at the vestry to announce that its PMA awards will take place in October.

The circuit is littered with hundreds of celebratory black tie dinners. Some are disastrous, with barrels of booze rolled in to mask the mediocre nosh, but the PMA Awards is a genuinely riveting night for HR professionals and the professional communities they serve. It is well attended by Chief People Officers, tends to be a sartorial eye opener, and the nominees provide some fascinating insights into what is happening in the ‘people’ space. Vine HR, a not-for-profit company set up by Heads of HR from different Essex authorities, were the Cardinal’s delight last year. They were thrilled to be nominated for an award, and stole the show just as the Spice Girls conquered The Brits in ‘97.

Aside from the usual gossip of who’s moving where, award evenings can be excellent learning events. For instance, at The Brits this year, the Cardinal discovered from a member of LOCOG that one cannot use the words ‘London 2012’ from the pulpit unless in reference to an official Olympic event. It transpires that the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, when added to anno domini 2012 is now a registered trademark for the Olympics. The Cardinal has seen several ‘London 2012’ themed invitations in recent weeks. One must presume that with the Leveson Inquiry and London Olympics, lawyers have not been in a more rewarding city or had a better year than London, 2012. The comma is key, my Lord.

At the recent MCA Awards, celebrating the management consulting industry in the lavish setting of the Park Lane Hilton, the Cardinal was surprised to see Accenture failed to pick up a single award. They were nominated in 15 categories. Accenture’s Head of Consulting just so happens to be the current President of the MCA, so perhaps there is a sense that the judging panel must not be seen to be favouring the President’s firm in anyway. KPMG, Deloitte and PA all won numerous prizes; one wonders if you can lean too much the other way.

So, as the Cardinal continues to plan his social diary for the rest of the year, he wonders which networking events / awards ceremonies have caught your attentions from an HR or OD point of view? Pray, share …

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Susan22 says:

I had a look at the HR Excellence Award shortlist that you’ve linked to and some of th candidates that are up for the HRD of the year are not in role anymore.

dinkey says:

Human Capital Magazine is currently seeking nominations for The Australian HR Awards

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