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  • Complexity and Management Conference (CMC) 8th-10th June 2018 – Taking Complexity Seriously.
    24 Jan 18
    Here is the link to the public booking page for the June 8-10th Complexity and Management Conference 2018 . This year’s theme is: Taking Complexity Seriously: Why Does It Matter? At the conference we are marking Ralph Stacey’s retirement from the DMan programme and the University of Hertfordshire…
  • Small doesn’t mean unprofitable: Unlocking new value from small-to-medium metal and mining projects
    19 Jan 18
    Managing smaller projects with increased rigor and a through-cycle mentality can help companies to capture significant untapped value.
  • Delivering through diversity
    18 Jan 18
    Our latest research reinforces the link between diversity and company financial performance—and suggests how organizations can craft better inclusion strategies for a competitive edge.
  • Retraining and reskilling workers in the age of automation
    18 Jan 18
    Executives increasingly see investing in retraining and “upskilling” existing workers as an urgent business priority that companies, not governments, must lead on.
  • The five trademarks of agile organizations
    17 Jan 18
    Agile organizations—of any size and across industries—have five key elements in common.
  • Modern CRM Drives Relationship And Revenue
    17 Jan 18
    CRM is more than two decades old. Companies initially used it to provide “inside-out” efficiencies – operational efficiencies for sales, marketing, and customer service organizations. Companies would easily argue its’ business benefits by measuring operational metrics that were…
  • Leadership development in a fragile state
    15 Jan 18
    My colleague Nick Sarra and I were asked to work with some practicing managers and leaders in what is usually described as a ‘fragile state’ in Africa. The country has been plunged into conflict for decades, and this has had a profound effect on social relations and the ability to get things…
  • Looking Beyond The Usual Suspects: An Evolved Leadership Perspective
    15 Jan 18
    Unusual suspects bias. What percentage of your day, week or month are you working to help others succeed?  Whether you lead 10 people or 10,000, to what degree do you find yourself coaching the same circumscribed group of individuals to fulfill their potential while others remain relatively…
  • Make BI Applications More Intuitive With Search Like GUI
    12 Jan 18
    Most business intelligence (BI) applications are constructed using point-and-click drag-and-drop graphical user interfaces (GUI), but still require end user training and long ramp up times, although not to the extent of learning and writing SQL code. Few business decision-makers access data…
  • Researching ‘transformational change’
    8 Jan 18
    Recently I have been involved with a team of researchers in researching so called ‘transformational change’ in a not-for-profit sector. I suspect the research has been commissioned on the understanding that transformational change is something which senior managers choose, and can, to a degree…
  • The matrix is not the “end point” for complex firms (new article)
    8 Dec 17
    One firm that I have followed for many years is FMC (now TechnicFMC). It’s a world leader in subsea technologies – in particular, valve trees that are placed on the sea bed as part of large oilfield installations. It has its headquarters here in Norway, but is represented on all continents…
  • Intelligence Makes Customer Service Operations Smarter, More Strategic
    30 Nov 17
    In the age of the customer, consumers have more information, more choices, more access, and more power. But they don’t have more time. That’s why the companies that attract, win and retain customers focus on delivering the tenets of great experiences: make it easy, make it effective…
  • 3 simple steps to workforce planning
    30 Nov 17
    OrgVue Blog If you attend the first lecture on any micro economics course, you will be drawn a curve of supply and demand. It is one of the fundamental building blocks in a journey to understand how markets work. Not only is the concept brilliantly simple, the nuances of how these two equations…
  • Workforce Analytics: Hot Topic or Hot Mess?
    29 Nov 17
    OrgVue Blog Workforce analytics has the potential to be a game-changer It can help HR become more business-relevant, rigorous and evidence-driven. But are organisations ready to realise this potential, or is workforce analytics destined to be a passing fad? Find out by clicking on the infographic…
  • How to get started in strategic workforce analytics
    27 Nov 17
    OrgVue Blog Strategic workforce analytics – three ways to improve its value for the business The history of workforce analytics – often known as HR analytics, people analytics, or talent analytics – is littered with tools and ‘best practices’ that over-promised and under-delivered. …


Forget personality – a thinkpiece on restructuring teams…

A scribbled thinkpiece from Q5’s Andy Cottrill on how to think about restructuring teams and businesses.


Two in the bed, and the little one said “Roll Over”

Cardinal Q 29 Jun 15

“Human Capital” businesses rarely make for good long-term acquisitions. By human capital, I mean businesses that don’t actually make anything, but offer intellectual services; accounting for instance, lawyers, consultants. It is even more stark when a large firm gobbles up a small one…

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  • Semantic Distances for Technology Landscape Visualization
    24 Jan 18
    This paper presents a novel approach to the visualization of research domains in science and technology. The proposed methodology is based on the use of bibliometrics; i.e., analysis is conducted using information regarding trends and patterns…
  • Capital Controls and Macroprudential Measures: What Are They Good For?
    24 Jan 18
    Are capital controls and macroprudential measures successful in achieving their objectives? Assessing their effectiveness is complicated by selection bias and endogeneity; countries which change their capital-flow management measures (CFMs)…
  • The Components of Private Equity Performance: Implications for Portfolio Choice
    24 Jan 18
    We use a proprietary database of private equity returns to measure the excess return of private equity over public equity and to partition it into two components: an asset class alpha and compensation for illiquidity. Our evidence suggests …
  • Budweiser’s New Symbol Stands For Every Beer Made With 100% Renewable Energy
    24 Jan 18
    Vice-president of global marketing Brian Perkins is in Davos to convince NGOs and other companies to adopt the logo and the sustainable energy policy behind it. Last March, AB InBev announced every single bottle of beer it brews will be done…
  • Data Scientist is the best job in America for the third year in a row
    23 Jan 18
    Even people who said they love their job might be actively looking for a new gig this year.  Most (68%) of employed job seekers believe that there are better jobs out there. And they’ve probably right. And each year, Glassdoor …
  • Controlling Your Emotions During a Negotiation
    23 Jan 18
    Moshe Cohen, a senior lecturer at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, says you can’t take the emotion out of a negotiation. After all, negotiations revolve around conflict, risk, and reward — which are inherently…
  • These 2 survey questions could determine publishers’ Facebook fates
    23 Jan 18
    When Facebook announced last week that it was going to lean on its users to determine the trustworthiness of websites, it was saying, essentially, algorithms aren’t good enough at this yet, and we need you to help us keep fake news …
  • The Best Mentors Think Like Michelangelo
    23 Jan 18
    It’s an approach that’s especially helpful for men who mentor women.
  • How the Data That Internet Companies Collect Can Be Used for the Public Good
    23 Jan 18
    Data collaboratives are the new public-private partnership.
  • Transaction Costs and the Duration of Contracts
    23 Jan 18
  • Speakers Announced for the 10th Annual Adobe 99U Conference
    23 Jan 18
    We love a challenge.  Challenges ask us to think, work, and collaborate creatively. 
In curating this year’s  Adobe 99U Conference  (taking place May 9 – 11, 2018 in New York City), we considered what’s testing and motivating creatives…
  • Working with a designer (four paths)
    23 Jan 18
    Most of us want to look good online, need a website, maybe even a logo. More and more individuals and organizations are discovering that they need to hire a professional. It comes down to doing your homework. Be clear with…     …
  • Hop Down My January 2018 Design Rabbit Hole
    22 Jan 18
    A monthly trip through a land of design and nonsense with executive editor Perrin Drumm. Opinions are most definitely her own. Let me be the 3,759th person to wish you a Happy New Year. HNY! We’re already three weeks deep into 2018 so maybe…
  • Why You Are Unhappy at Work
    22 Jan 18
  • When Gender Discrimination Is Not About Gender
    22 Jan 18
  • Hope and reality
    22 Jan 18
    Sometimes, we don’t sell what we’ve got, we sell what could be. Book publishers, for example, buy non-fiction book proposals ($10 million for Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography) not the finished book. The finished book almost never matches what…
  • The gap
    21 Jan 18
    There’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be. Many gaps, in fact, but imagine just one of them. That gap–is it fuel? Are you using it like a vacuum, to pull you along, to inspire…            …
  • New clues about the most mysterious star in the universe, and more news from TED speakers
    18 Jan 18
    As usual, the TED community has lots of news to share this week. Below, some highlights. New clues about the most mysterious star in the universe. KIC 8462852 (often called “Tabby’s star,” after the astronomer Tabetha Boyajian, who led the …
  • Great Leaders Know Core Business Model Vision
    18 Jan 18
    Guest post by David A. Duryea : Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, and even Thomas Edison are a few of the great visionary leaders in their respective industries. What made them such great leaders was not just one aspect of their management…
  • Welcome to Berlin: Things are Slower Here
    17 Jan 18
    Feel free to take your time, but make sure you stamp your ticket or beware the ticket collector’s unsympathetic wrath, representing just one side of the many sided Berlin. Berlin has a special, peculiar, and particular history, and although…
  • TED debuts “Small Thing Big Idea” original video series on Facebook Watch
    16 Jan 18
    Today we’re debuting a new original video series on Facebook Watch called Small Thing Big Idea: Designs That Changed the World. Each 3- to 4-minute weekly episode takes a brief but delightful look at the lasting genius of one everyday object… dynamically generates aggregated content from other external website feeds in date and time order. is not responsible for content displayed from external websites and any views expressed are not those of