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  • Telling a good innovation story
    20 Jul 18
    Appealing to people’s emotions helps new ideas cut through the clutter.
  • The US cutting-tools market: What changes lie ahead?
    20 Jul 18
    A new approach to segment strategy, distribution, and pricing can help companies win in the evolving cutting-tools market.
  • The future of mobility in India’s passenger-vehicle market
    20 Jul 18
    Incumbents in the automotive industry should prepare for a changing landscape as India grows into the world’s third-largest passenger-vehicle market and global trends disrupt the sector.
  • Advice from Silicon Valley: How tech-sector practices can promote innovation in government
    20 Jul 18
    Public-sector leaders recently met with leaders from the region’s most innovative companies to learn about their culture of innovation firsthand. Here’s what they heard.
  • Disrupting The Disrupted: Danone’s Pursuit To Dominate The Food Industry
    19 Jul 18
    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Like most industries, disruption has become the norm for the food industry. An unprecedented level of options for both food products and their delivery method, a shift in consumer demands toward healthy and sustainable foods, and the new generation of…
  • Three Meltdowns Endangering The AT&T | Time Warner Merger
    16 Jul 18
    KENA BETANCUR | AFP/Getty Images In some respects, the news might have been expected. As Barron’s reported this weekend , the maneuvering (perhaps political?) that has led the Department of Justice to take a closer look (and appeal) the proposed $81 billion merger between ATT and Time Warner…
  • Why Are Some People Disengaged At Work?
    15 Jul 18
    Shutterstock Are they really disengaged, or is it possible that you’ve just decided they are? Maybe you’ve read the tea leaves of their behavior, drawn a conclusion and painted them into a corner – poised to meet an expectation you’ve already set in your mind. This is not an unnatural or …
  • Complex responsive processes – 4 pillars of thought, 5 key insights.
    27 Jun 18
    Before starting this post, and for those readers interested in attending the next Complexity and Management Conference, next year it will be slightly earlier: 17-19th May 2019. Introduction This post is the theoretical introduction to the perspective of complex responsive processes of relating…
  • The future of organization design – according to my students
    22 Jun 18
      . This Spring, I had the priviledge of teaching the organization design elective at the Frankfurt School of Finance Management. The class consisted of 50 students, half of them from the MBA program and the other half from the EMBA (part time) program. All of the students had work experience…
  • The cost and challenges of dirty data in business transformation
    18 Jun 18
    OrgVue Blog Why is data cleansing important? Dirty data can engender serious problems, costing your business time, money, and huge risks in decision-making. As the old adage goes, “garbage in, garbage out.” Still, data quality issues are often ignored in the context of organisational transformations…
  • 3i Power: imagination, identity and interaction
    15 Jun 18
    Abstract Composition with Head and Sailing, 1950, Morris, Elizabeth / UCL Art Museum, UK / Bridgeman Images What is the role of imagination in power? For example, how might the workings of my imagination affect the way that I will behave at a difficult meeting next week in what I say and …
  • Policy Recommendations for the Energy Innovation Ecosystem of Zuid-Holland
    14 Jun 18
    OrgVue Blog What participants say needs to change to support Energy Innovation It was an exciting challenge when the Province of Zuid-Holland asked the team at Concentra Anaytics Europe in mapping out its energy innovation ecosystem. But what recommendations would participants in the ecosystem…
  • Use Text Analytics Technologies To Handle Mountains Of Unstructured Data
    14 Jun 18
    Enterprises are sitting on mountains of unstructured data — 61% have more than 100 terabytes, and 12% have more than five petabytes! Luckily, there are mature technologies out there that can help. First, enterprise information architects should consider general-purpose text analytics platforms…
  • Practice Based Learning in a Digital (or Dental?) Age
    12 Jun 18
    A few days ago I wrote a blog of some ideas of a new project I was beginning with James Traeger . Here are some initial thoughts from James in response.  The day after Rob Warwick and I went to Pagham Harbour, where we stood on the spit of pebbles that felt like it was miles out to sea, and…
  • Should there be a computer on your organization chart?
    11 Jun 18
    I attended a conference in Denmark recently where I met Richard Burton , professor emeritus at Duke University. It was he who first raised the question in the headline. I thought it was an intriguing one. Computers are increasingly doing the work that middle managers used to do – planning…
  • HR analytics workshop – beyond the buzzwords
    8 Jun 18
    OrgVue Blog HR analytics has been generating plenty of hype in the last decade, and there’s no sign of slowing down. Before targeting our investment effort, we should explore the following: what is possible now with HR analytics, where is the market going, and how to successfully land analytics…
  • SML v2.0 – practice based learning
    7 Jun 18
    Ideas are bubbling up for a new research project. And one keeps coming back to me and it is this: what might Self-Managed Learning (SML) look like in the 21 st Century? This begs two initial questions: 1) what is self-managed learning (SML); 2) what is so special about the 21 st century. …
  • SAP Breathes Renewed Life Into Its Cloud CRM
    6 Jun 18
    Three announcements affecting CRM came out of SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW annual conference, held in Orlando on June 5–7: A renewed focus on CRM in order for SAP to be considered a viable player in the $45 billion CRM market. SAP’s cloud CRM (formerly known as SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer) is…
  • What Your First Job After College Should Teach You
    31 May 18
    Shutterstock Welcome to the life of a working adult. If you’re 24 or 25, you have probably been working for two or three years post-college. Gap years, ever-changing majors or graduate school may have claimed more of your twenties, but you’re here now – in your first real job. On a daily …
  • Changing conversations: changing hearts and souls
    31 May 18
    What’s irritated me about the whole direction of politics in the last 30 years is that it’s always been towards the collectivist society. People have forgotten about the personal society. And they say: do I count, do I matter? To which the short answer is, yes. And therefore, …
  • Mapping the Energy Innovation Ecosystem
    30 May 18
    OrgVue Blog Energy innovation is a complex global challenge Some say that God made the world, but the Dutch made the Netherlands. Global warming caused by CO2, however, risks undoing all their hard work by flooding the carefully managed lands. The Dutch therefore have a special interest in…
  • Verint’s Solutions Uniquely Empower Agents And Customers
    25 May 18
    I recently went to Verint’s Engage18 conference, held in Dallas from May 14 to 17. It’s not a big conference; it was attended by about 1,500 people who use one or more of the company’s customer service products: workforce engagement, self-service, voice of the customer, and fraud and compliance…


Forget personality – a thinkpiece on restructuring teams…

A scribbled thinkpiece from Q5’s Andy Cottrill on how to think about restructuring teams and businesses.


Two in the bed, and the little one said “Roll Over”

Cardinal Q 29 Jun 15

“Human Capital” businesses rarely make for good long-term acquisitions. By human capital, I mean businesses that don’t actually make anything, but offer intellectual services; accounting for instance, lawyers, consultants. It is even more stark when a large firm gobbles up a small one…

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  • Semantic Distances for Technology Landscape Visualization
    20 Jul 18
    This paper presents a novel approach to the visualization of research domains in science and technology. The proposed methodology is based on the use of bibliometrics; i.e., analysis is conducted using information regarding trends and patterns…
  • Capital Controls and Macroprudential Measures: What Are They Good For?
    20 Jul 18
    Are capital controls and macroprudential measures successful in achieving their objectives? Assessing their effectiveness is complicated by selection bias and endogeneity; countries which change their capital-flow management measures (CFMs)…
  • The Components of Private Equity Performance: Implications for Portfolio Choice
    20 Jul 18
    We use a proprietary database of private equity returns to measure the excess return of private equity over public equity and to partition it into two components: an asset class alpha and compensation for illiquidity. Our evidence suggests …
  • What does TED look for in its Fellows?
    20 Jul 18
    Every year, TED opens applications for its new group of TED Fellows. We get thousands of applications from all corners of the world, representing every field under the sun — marine mammal conservation, biomechatronics, Khmer dance, space…
  • Take Control of Your Learning at Work
    20 Jul 18
    It’s up to you to set aside the necessary time to learn.
  • Two Questions to Ask Before You Set Up an Innovation Unit
    20 Jul 18
    First, how centralized should it be?
  • The AI revolution will be led by toasters, not droids
    20 Jul 18
    It’s far easier for software to learn to do one thing well than to be a digital jack of all trades. Will the intelligent algorithms of the future look like general-purpose robots, as adept at idle banter and reading maps as they are…
  • The four-day work week is good for business
    20 Jul 18
    After spending two months testing a 20% shorter week, a New Zealand company found its employees happier, more focused, and producing the same amount of work. Now they’re making the change permanent. This spring, a New Zealand company…
  • Bitcoin’s price spiked this week, and this time it didn’t immediately crash
    20 Jul 18
    Bitcoin hit its highest price in months earlier this week, and it has yet to go back down. Earlier this week, the price of bitcoin spiked by 10%, putting it over $7,000. And then something strange happened: It didn’t go back down. According…
  • Most of AI’s Business Uses Will Be in Two Areas
    20 Jul 18
    Supply chain and sales and marketing are the first big opportunities.
  • Doing it completely and totally wrong
    20 Jul 18
    Sriracha hot sauce does it all wrong, of course. The label contains more than five identifiable typefaces . The distribution method was sort of odd. The pricing is way too low. Trademark protection is non-existent. Line extensions were avoided…
  • Electric and empowered: Monica Araya on Costa Rica’s clean energy future
    19 Jul 18
    Monica Araya made a big prediction on the TED stage in 2016: Costa Rica, her home country, will be the first nation in the world to pursue 100% renewable energy. Fast forward to 2018, and they’re on their way. Costa Rica already generates over…
  • Avoiding the GIGO trap
    19 Jul 18
    “Garbage in, garbage out.” It has a nice ring to it. And engineers have long embraced it as a mantra. If you don’t put the right stuff in, don’t expect to get good results. And so, when we banned leaded gasoline, the…
  • Perfecting Your Sales Pitch to Get Your Ideas the Green Light
    18 Jul 18
    Artists and designers, for the most part, strive to create beautiful products and solve an array of visual, aural, and tactile challenges. They don’t often pursue their careers with the hope of becoming professional number crunchers. And yet…
  • You can now get customized TED Talk recommendations in your inbox
    18 Jul 18
    As the number of TED Talks on grows, we’ve created a new way to discover talks you’ll love: Tell us your favorite topics and areas of interest, and we’ll send you a customized email brimming with talks worth your personal attention….
  • No More General Tso's? A Threat to 'Knowledge Recombination&#39
    18 Jul 18
  • Kids of Working Moms Grow Into Happy Adults
    18 Jul 18
  • New Research and Ideas, July 17, 2018
    18 Jul 18
  • Batting average is a trap
    18 Jul 18
    Baseball is not an accurate representation of life. In baseball, batting average matters because the outcome of the game is directly related to the percentage of times each batter gets on base. But in life, we’re not keeping track of…
  • Getting a second referendum right
    17 Jul 18
    This is the idea of a second referendum with three options, reflecting that there are now clearly three different positions on Brexit (no deal, EU negotiated deal, remain), none of which have majority support in Parliament or among the wider…
  • Closing the Gap: How to Get Coaching
    17 Jul 18
    Guest post from Michael Bungay Stanier: Over the last few years, the leadership world has begun to understand the importance of coaching in the workplace. But what has that really translated to? Some companies went about implementing coaching… dynamically generates aggregated content from other external website feeds in date and time order. is not responsible for content displayed from external websites and any views expressed are not those of