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Two in the bed, and the little one said “Roll Over”

Cardinal Q 29 Jun 15

“Human Capital” businesses rarely make for good long-term acquisitions. By human capital, I mean businesses that don’t actually make anything, but offer intellectual services; accounting for instance, lawyers, consultants. It is even more stark when a large firm gobbles up a small one…

Free Labour Isn’t Working

Cardinal Q 10 Dec 13

A generation ago, it was common practice, just as it is now, to enable young people to gain some work experience during the summer months…

Fool’s Gold

Cardinal Q 12 Nov 13

100 days after launching its sports channels, I see that BT has won the bid to secure the ‘live’ Champions League Football video rights for the UK…

Hens, Pigs and Voluntary Redundancy

Cardinal Q 14 Oct 13

Journeying from place to place, one parish register to another, I can’t help but notice that in recent years a number of organisations have had to shed an awful lot of jobs. “Right-sizing” is a phrase you can pick out in the glossy brochures of McKinsey, accenture, BCG and any other American management consultancy firm…

Consulting under the spotlight

Cardinal Q 14 Jun 13

My subject this week is the ‘shadow’ being cast by large professional service firms. Consulting firms are fast replacing bankers as Les Enfants Terribles of the Twenty-Teens…

Record Breakers and PeeBees

Cardinal Q 6 Sep 12

The Cardinal enjoyed the splendour of the London Olympic Stadium at the weekend. 80000 people, a riot of colour, and a chorus of cheers every time a Team GB competitor was introduced to the paralympic-loving congregation…

Awards Events – Winners, Losers & Boozers ….

Cardinal Q 15 May 12

From the Oscars to the Oliviers, the Cardinal enjoys nothing more than a hearty industry awards night. And a reminder note from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development has just arrived at the vestry to announce that its PMA awards will take place in October…

OD – the In or Out Club?

Cardinal Q 19 Apr 12

Cardinal Q enjoyed a salted beef sandwich with a leading OD director in Selfridges on Oxford Street recently… dynamically generates aggregated content from other external website feeds in date and time order. is not responsible for content displayed from external websites and any views expressed are not those of