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Choosing an open or a closed approach to the design process can alter the speed and effectiveness of delivery.

Open Design process

Open design means early collaboration of key Stakeholders. The design phase typically takes longer, brings greater ‘pain’ early on but implementation is less of a challenge as views have been identified and built into design.
You would use an “open” design process when:

  • The change is dependent upon other functions and there is therefore a need to involve those functions in the design process
  • There is a history of mixed relationships with stakeholders and there is therefore  a need to involve these stakeholders in the design process
  • Current performance and direction are being questioned and there needs to be visible action taken
  • There is the need for a new leader to signal change in a very visible way

    Closed Design process

    Closed design is easier – it enables quicker decision-making and faster solution generation. It can however cause greater pain during Implementation.  We often refer to it as the “pay later” approach.
    You would use a “closed” design process when:

  • The core purpose of your organisational change is to drive cost/headcount reduction and there is therefore a need for sensitivity around communication
  • The change is pan-organisational and therefore highly complex: dangers with having a solution out there too early
  • There are cultural fit or readiness for change issues
  • There is the danger of ‘setting the hares running too early’ leading to significant performance dip

    Pace of Change

    How fast an organisation decides to roll out any OD programme will depend on the scope of the planned change and the reasons for the change.

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