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We also talked to some OD experts from several high profile organisations and compiled a list of the common themes they suggested.

Avoid the temptation to go straight to the structure chart and redraw it before you have taken care of the foundation ‘stones’ that support your structure (purpose, goals, process, core work)
Set clear design guiding principles, the non negotiable criteria the new organisation must satisfy.  These will guide you when the going gets tough and will keep the restructuring effort grounded in the reality of business demands rather than getting distracted by political agendas and turf battles.
Test and implement as you go; design a layer at a time and engage those whose work is directly affected at each stage of the process.
Work at pace; drive the change with speed to ensure that the impact on business performance is minimised.  Don’t take your foot off the pedal until the restructure is complete.
Invest in ungluing the ‘sticky’ middle management layer.  It is your middle managers who will make the new organisation come alive (or not!)
You must treat those leaving the organisation in the right way yet also engage those staying.  If people need to leave the organisation, handle this in ways that demonstrate appropriate process.  For those who stay, this will reconnect them to the organisation and focused engagement will bring them up to speed with the new ways of doing things.
Don’t forget the basics; this is a change process so all the basic rules apply.  Keep your sponsors engaged, manage stakeholders carefully, communicate vigorously and use change champions to role model new behaviours.  Track and measure progress ruthlessly.

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