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Ed Lawler

OD expert

Distinguished Professor of Business at the University of Southern California, and founder and director of the university’s Centre for Effective Organisations. He has been influential in area of OD and management for more than 20 years.

Philosophy on OD

In order to have effective organisations, we must understand how to motivate and encourage individual performance.  No matter what organisation design or approach is used, it cannot succeed if it fails to motivate employees to perform well.

Important OD publications

Motivation In Work Organisations 1973
A landmark book that sets out the above philosophy and underpins his more recent work.

From The Ground Up: Six Principles For Building The New Logic Corporation 1996
Looks at how to integrate the best OD strategies to create successful organisations using the Star Model to compare differences between “old logic” and “new logic” of designing organisations.

Built To Change:  How To Achieve Sustained Organisational Effectiveness 2006
A higher level book about creating organisations that can change.  “the ultimate competitive advantage in today’s business environment is the ability to change.”

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