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OD – the In or Out Club?

Cardinal Q 19 Apr 12

Cardinal Q enjoyed a salted beef sandwich with a leading OD director in Selfridges on Oxford Street recently.

OD Directors more often than not reside within an HR function. However, some CEOs are beginning to demand that the role is located within their own office.

“The problem with sitting inside an HR function is that it can create distance between you and the Business Leaders you should be partnering with”, said our FTSE 100 pal. “The HR Director tends to get in the way – and OD becomes equated with training and Health and Safety.”

At this point, a gherkin was flicked to the side of the plate. The Cardinal conceded that there is a growing debate about where the best place to locate OD is, but actually knows of only one OD unit that sits outside an HR department.

Is this really the beginning of a trend?



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Jake says:

With so few organisations really respecting the role of HR as having a ‘strategic’ benefit, housing ‘OD’ there means they are tarnished with the same brush. If organisations respect it enough it would have it’s own place at the table.

Perhaps it should.

EddieT says:

Can you ‘tarnish’ with a brush?! I get your point though…
I’d love OD to be lifted out of HR where I work, but I can’t see my HR director letting go off it …

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