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RACI is a tool used to identify the different roles and responsibilities involved in an organisational change. 

It is a system used when working in a team to effectively assign each role to the right person ensuring that nothing is missed or duplicated and that each individual understands what is expected of them.

RACI stands for:

Responsible – ensures the task gets done, runs the project

Accountable – the person accountable for any decision made and ultimately the final outcome

Consulted – inputs information to help the project

Informed – anyone who needs to be kept informed but doesn’t have any input themselves

RACI is used when clarity is needed to define the different responsibilities expected from individuals in a group. It helps projects run smoothly and effectively as everyone has clearly defined roles and understands exactly what they need to do.

How to use it?

To use RACI, a matrix or chart is typically used in support to help communicate the roles and responsibilities.

Project Sponsor Project Manager Business Analyst Technical Architect
Activity 1 A R
Activity 2 I A/R C I
Activity 3 I A/R C C
Activity 4 I A R C

Typical steps involved in the process:

Identification of all tasks and activities involved in the process listed on down the left

Identification of all roles listed along the top

Complete the cells identifying who has R, A, C, I

Ensure every activity has one and only one R and A

Resolve any task with multiple R’s or any tasks without an R

What do I need?

A meeting with the whole team and a flip-chart to write the RACI matrix on so everyone understands their role(s)

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